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Torre de Babel Ediciones is a site which offers the visitors a variety of contents related with humanities and social sciences. Users can freely navigate though the site, but digitally or printed copying is prohibited, in whole or in part. Only partial reproduction of this contents is accepted for personal use or for educational purposes, always mentioning the source and never for an economical benefit.

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We have included a section about educative and cultural law ("Legislación educativa y cultural") for the user's information, but recommend a visit to the official bulletins for legal purposes.

The works edited in this site have two sources: some of them belong to the public domain, others belong to an author alive who has the copyright. In this second case Torre de Babel has the copyright of its translation, publication, digital or printed edition and web design. In the first case, of course, Torre de Babel has only the rights of the edition and web design. We do take refuge in the intellectual property for editing brief fragments of works under others person's rights.

The images the visitor finds in our web belong to the public domain; we just reserve for ourselves the intellectual right of the design and graphic processing of those images.

Although we scrupulously try to avoid any infraction of the intellectual rights, any visitor who considers himself offended by any content of our site can freely contact us by e-mail and we will immediately proceed to erase it.

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