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Francis Garden - 1878 - Table of contents

Diccionario filosófico
Complete edition

Diccionario de Filosofía
Brief definition of the most important concepts of philosophy.


A Dictionary of English Philosophical Terms Francis Garden

Vocabulary of Philosophy, Psychological, Ethical, Metaphysical
William Fleming

Biografías y semblanzas Biographical references and lives of philosophers

Brief introduction to the thought of Ortega y Gasset

History of Philosophy Summaries

Historia de la Filosofía
Explanation of the thought of the great philosophers; summaries, exercises...

Historia de la Filosofía
Digital edition of the History of Philosophy by Jaime Balmes

Historia de la Filosofía
Digital edition of the History of Philosophy by Zeferino González

Vidas, opiniones y sentencias de los filósofos más ilustres
Complete digital edition of the work of Diogenes Laertius

Compendio de las vidas de los filósofos antiguos

A brief history of Greek Philosophy
B. C. Burt


A Short History of Philosophy





Dialectic. The meaning annexed to this word has at different times waxed and waned in dignity and comprehension. Taking its origin from dialogue, it meant at first inquiry carried on between two people, then naturally the maieutic method of Socrates, and finally with Plato all metaphysics, all philosophy.


Under Aristotle the term contracted its import, and denoted probable reasoning as distinguished from demonstrative. "The dialectic syllogism is that from probable premisses." (1) Subsequently dialectic was used for the whole of logic, and this sense of the word kept its ground for ages. It has now, however, fallen into desuetude, and the word when used, generally bears its Aristotelian meaning.


(1) Top. I. 1.



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